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Denise Spinney
Therapy Works

Stroud based counselling face to face or online

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About me

After thousands of hours talking with clients I can now say with real conviction that therapy works.

I have seen the smile return to anxious faces and bodies relax after years of tension.

To be able to witness and feel part of such change is a real privilege for me.

I love the work I do. I never tire of listening and watching as people transform into stronger, more resilient, happier versions of themselves.

I hope to welcome you soon because I know counselling can work if you embrace it.

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"Denise is an extremely compassionate listener and knows how to ask the right questions to navigate through grief, trauma and everyday life. After our sessions, I always feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest."

“Whether we realize it or not, it is our woundedness, or how we cope with it, that dictates much of our behaviour, shapes our social habits, and informs our ways of thinking about the world.”
(Gabor Maté)


The person you are today is a mix of your core personality – likes, dislikes, skills, creativity, fitness, desires, morals, dreams – moulded by your life events.

Many people I see are unaware of just how their particular life journey has formed them – that’s just their ‘normal’. Others are all too aware of what they have been through, but believe the best they can hope for is learning how to manage their negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

That’s just not true. You can change how you feel.

I know through personal and professional experience that your anxiety, depression, rage, detachment, addictions are all coping strategies. You learned them, and you can un-learn them. And I can help you with that.

Call 07414 202298 for a free 20 minute initial assessment
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